what-is-mlmWhy should you consider becoming a multi-level network marketing expert? Is it worth your time and effort? How much money can you make if you decide to become one? And how soon can you start making that money?

These are some of the key questions many smart young people ask before making up their mind about multi-level network marketing. Interestingly, all these questions are absolutely important and once you start finding answers to these questions, chances are you’re ready to start earning six figures or more without working 9 to 5.

What exactly is multi-level network marketing?

Multi-level network marketing is actually a process. You sell a product to interested people, who in turn sell to other interested people, who also sell to other people. You’ll be compensated for the sales you generate and also for the sales of other network marketers you recruit. The sales reps you recruit will provide multiple level of compensation and as your network grows, so does your compensation.

This marketing system often require a minimal upfront investment sometimes a few hundred dollars or less for buying the product sample kit. So you can sell the product line to friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and anyone else.

Most multi-level network marketing programs actually requires that you recruit other sales people – friends, family members, colleagues, etc. The people you recruit will be your downline and as I mentioned earlier, their sales will generate income for you. So the more people you have as your downline, the higher your chances of making more money and when your downlines recruit other sales reps, their sales will generate income for you too.

Is multi-level network marketing worth your time and efforts?

You don’t have to work 9 to 5 to earn six figures or more. Sometimes all you need is just a phone or a smart device to keep in touch with your parent company, your sales rep and prospects. All you have to do is set the ball rolling by investing on the right product, recruit people who’ll be your downline and they’ll recruit others to be their downline.

You’ll make more money as your downline grow and you’ll have enough time to spend with your friends and family.  In fact, every day could be a holiday! Also, you’ll have enough time to invest in other business and make more money while your network marketing business is still growing and generating more and more money.

What’s the best multi-level network marketing industry to invest in?   

Cosmetics and personal care products is the most popular niche in the multi-level network marketing industry. The second most popular industry is health and nutrition. These two industries have dominated multi-level network marketing programs for several years and network marketers in these industries are making more money now than ever before.

You can join any of the top 10 MLM companies with the largest global revenue to start making money easily. Interestingly, 6 out of the top 10, are United States companies and you can join any of them any time you want.

Here are the top 10 MLM companies by global revenue:

Rank Company Annual Sales (net) Country Category Sales Associates Markets Year Founded
1 Avon Products, Inc.


$11.3 billion USA Beauty, fashion jewelry, apparel 6.5 million 100 1886
2 Amway


$10.9 billion USA Cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage, home care, wellness 3 million 80 1959
3 Herbalife Ltd. 


$3.5 billion USA Cosmetics and personal care 2.7 million 79 1980
4 Natura Cosmeticos SA


$3.0 billion Brazil Cosmetics and personal care 1.4 million 7 1969
5 Vorwerk & Co. KG www.vorwerk.com $3.0 billion Germany Cosmetics, household appliances, home care 600,000 76 1883
6 Mary Kay Inc.


$2.9 billion USA Cosmetics and personal care 2.4 million 35 1963
7 Tupperware Brands Corp.


$2.6 billion USA Storage and serving products; beauty, personal care 2.6 million 100 1946
8  Oriflame Cosmetics SA


$2.1 billion Luxembourg Beauty 3.6 million 67 1967
9 Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.



$1.7 billion USA Cosmetics and personal care 855,000  52 1984
10 Belcorp


$1.6 billion Peru Cosmetics and personal care 938,000 16 1968