top-earnerWhat’s the difference between a network marketing expert and a top earning network marketing expert?

The difference is not the amount of money they are making. The difference is the skills they’ve acquired and how they are using those skills to achieve results. While almost all network marketing experts start by learning the basic skills required to start earning income, not all marketers master the key skills to become a top earner.

The good news is, if you’re a network marketing expert, you too can learn and master all the necessary skills required to be a top earning network marketer.

5 Skills Every Network Marketer Should Master To Be a Top Earner

  1. Presentation

You can use several tools to introduce your company’s business and products. But as your business grows and you have a greater target audience, you’ll need to give presentations. When you present your business professionally, it will influence the outcome of your efforts, make people see you as a natural leader, and boost the respect people have for you.

Relevant tips to get started:

  • Practice before you give any presentation
  • Whenever you’re asked to do some parts of a presentation, take the offer
  • Whenever you come across ideas you’ll love to include in your presentations, write them down.
  • To build your public speaking skill, always share your ideas and opinions during seminars, conferences and meetings even if you’re not the one presenting.


  1. Build Rapport

One of the key aspect of network marketing is team building. As your team begins to grow, you must learn how to build rapport with your team members. You can build rapport by creating a bond and connecting with each team member. Start by finding a way to connect with them based on their interests and concerns.

Take note of birthday dates, wedding anniversaries, holidays and call to wish your team members well. If you’re invited to any of their events, don’t hesitate to attend, and if you wouldn’t be able to attend, call to let them know in advance.

  1. Learning Skill

If you’re new in network marketing, strive to learn the system being used by your upline and immediately begin to emulate it. Don’t waste your efforts trying to reinvent the wheel. Rather, emulate the system exactly the way it was created. Strive for excellence as you follow the system and implement what you have learned.


  1. Master how to build belief

Many of your prospects will not immediately agree to buy your products or join your network. So you’ll have to learn how to effectively build people’s belief and confidence that the product or program you’re offering can help them obtain the results they want.

Here are some of the key belief building methods you need to master:

  • Inviting them to an event
  • Encouraging them to watch a webinar
  • Asking them to review an online video or listen to a CD.
  • Doing a three-way call with a member of your upline
  • Getting together with your prospects in-person


  1. The Invitation

The invitation is what you say when you invite people to learn about your products and/or business.  If you aren’t effective at getting people to review your offer, then you won’t be able to attract people to your business.


Always remember this: the duplication process begins with your invitation.  What you say to someone you’re inviting is what you are teaching them to say to others, so make sure you lead by example.  Ask your sponsor or a respected member of your upline which invitations they have found most effective.