key-questionKey Questions to Ask Before Joining a Multi-Level Network Marketing Company

Multi-level network marketing is a proven system that generates huge income and it actually works. Despite that, before you join any multi-level networking company, you’ll have to do some research to know what exactly you intend to get into and to find out if it’s the right fit for you or not.

There are hundreds of multi-level network marketing companies across the United States and so many of them are claim they can help you get rich quick. So before you join any company, get your facts right, and perform due diligence by asking all the right questions. Ask about the business, your upline, downline, team members and customers. If you observe any red flag, I’ll suggest you walk away immediately.

So I’ve compiled some of the key questions you should ask before joining any multi-level network marketing company.

7 Key Questions to Ask Before Joining Any MLM Company 

  1. How long has the company been in business?

You’ll have to find out if the company has been in business long enough to be relied on as a vibrant company with marketable products. If the company has been in business for 5 years or more, it’s a good sign. If the company is still a startup, don’t rule them out completely, but you just have to be very careful. Consider all your options before making up your mind.

  1. What’s the company’s status with the Better Business Bureau?

Check if the company has a backlog or track record of disputes and claims. You can’t be too careful about this. You can also search for reviews about the company’s performance online.

  1. What is the company’s product?

One of the key difference between those who fail and those who succeed in network marketing is the type of product they are selling. If you don’t believe in the product of a company or if you know you don’t have what it takes to market the product, don’t join the company. Earning significant amount in MLM often start with marketing the products, if you can’t market the product, it may limit your chances of earning any significant amount.

  1. How soon can you start making money?

It’s important to figure out how soon you can start making money when you join a company. Consider asking network marketers with knowledge of selling the company’s product. Also, take a look at the company’s compensation formula and the profit percentages.

Find out about the highest commission you can make from selling a single product. Normally, you ought to start earning income after few weeks. Don’t join any company that claims you can only start earning income after few months or years.

  1. What is the startup cost?

There is no one-size-fits all startup cost for all network marketing company. You’ll have to find out the startup cost for any company you intend to join. Find out if you have to purchase some kind of starter kit or are you required to carry a certain amount of inventory? Find out how soon you’ll be able to make your money back.

  1. Does the company has an effective training program?

Many companies have network marketing training programs to help beginners understand how the entire process works and how to start earning more income easily. Find out if the company you intend to join has one of such programs. The best of such training programs will teach participants how to be a successful network marketer and entrepreneur.

  1. Will the company network program and product fit into your lifestyle?

Before you start, consider your schedule. Some network marketing programs can give you more free time than others. If you have a tight schedule, join a company that’ll give you enough time to market their product and earn income within a short period. If you have a family, consider how much time you’ll be free to spend with them when you start network marketing, it’s such an amazing opportunity.