Personally Work With Machion


The Machion Sanders brand uniquely creates ways to help people perform better, live better, and feel better.  Our products are revolutionary, set trends, and leave a legacy for millennials every day all over the world.  Welcome to the Machion Sanders Brand.

It is not only about money and products, just as moringa is more than just a plant, there is more to us than just the product.  Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: We strive to help you perform at your best.   Your health and success is our ambition.

Our Vision:  A world where we have been able to create an amazing income for millennials allowing us to retire our parents, spouses, and travel the world while providing a legacy for our children’s children’s children all because we took action and said YES.  We strive to be able to impact 1,000 families per year to be able to experience their dream incomes and be able to provide for their families in a way they are able now to do the things they always desired without money or bad health being an issue.

Our consumers’ brand love is based on our employees’ extraordinary passion for a wealthy and healthy lifestyle.

We are laser-focused on our mission:  To keep God first and family a close second in all our decisions on a daily basis.  We want to help people working 8 to faint trapped in their jobs they don’t enjoy with zero freedom and lack of income become more impactful profitable entrepreneurs.  Together we will achieve this by helping people struggling with disease and obesity hit their dream weight so we all can live a life unlimited that is prescription and synthetic free.  “We look forward to growing with you and creating a legacy for each of our children’s children’s children.”  Machion Sanders, CEO